“…Many of the things

we need can wait;

the child cannot…”

                  - Gabriela Mistral, Nobel Laureate

By contributing to Partners in Learning, you are making a long-term investment in your community.

Today's immigrant, refugee, and migrant families and their children have enlivened the social cohesion of the Syracuse community. If successfully integrated into the economic and social life, they are a much-needed talent pool of education supports for their children, workers, entrepreneurs, consumers, taxpayers, and citizens. The future of America depends on the investments that we make in our children, today. We must support them as they acquire the knowledge and develop the skills they need to become productive workers, effective citizens, and nurturing parents.

It costs $31 per child for a full-day in MANOS Dual Language Early Childhood Education. For every $1 invested in early childhood learning, the return on investment is $9.

The need for culturally-responsive early learning opportunities exceeds the current capacity in Syracuse and Onondaga County, so your donation helps to provide services to children who still need our help.